The Ethiopian Business Angel Network (ETBAN) is an Ethiopian non-profit organization working closely with ENCC - Ethiopian Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, Nigerian Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, Norway Business Angels and IBA Ethiopia Center of Innovation. ETBAN was founded in early 2019 to support the development of early stage investor networks across Ethiopia and to grow the cohort of early stage investors excited about the opportunities in Ethiopia.

What Is Buisness Angel?

A business angel invests time, money and other resources in somebody else’s company or project. This typically means somebody with experience, contacts and (limited) funds helping an early-stage company or project get off the ground. A business angel is not one who only invests cash into a project. But a business angel will always be investing some cash, normally when the relationship is formalized. A business angel has “skin in the game”. A business angel is not a founder, but may (over time) get a de-facto role as a co-founder.

What We Do

ETBAN represents the Ethiopian angel community towards the society. We are working to get the tax incentive for angels and the investor visa. Additionally ETBAN supports all angel education programs – both for potential angels and experienced angels. We arrange regular workshops and networking events where speakers share their knowledge and experiences from investments.And We create a leading platform for connecting investors with projects and startups coming with innovative ideas.

How To Become An Angel

You can be a business angel if you invest in a startup, but your experience and contacts will be worth more than your money. (If your money is most important, then you probably are an investor, not a business angel.)The 4th Friday every month ETBAN does the Angels' Club. This is angels-only, to meet, learn and invest. Program 16:30-17:00 mingle before and after.The 3rd Friday every month the ETBAN group Green Angels does an event for Angels and startups interested in green investments. Program 16:30-17:00 mingle before and after.

Focus Area

Program, Research, and Partnership Key Focus Areas.

Awareness and Capacity Building.

promote a culture of angel investing across Ethiopia and beyond. Training of individuals Angle Investors, enable co-investing, exchange knowledge, and contribute to & initiate research. Make investors better investors.


Represent Angel Investor network and early stage investors across Ethiopia; work with government and other regulators to stimulate early stage investing, lobby for tax incentives, or similar schemes.


Early stage investing does not happen in isolation. We are cooperating with accelerators, incubators, business schools, government bodies, and other ecosystem stakeholders to help maximise Ethiopia's entrepreneurial potential.

Making investing and launching new networks easier.

Help develop new instruments, lower barries to entry, and help more investors become actively involved. Help develope new network, support exixting network.

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